Elvin Jones

B.A. (Theatre/Dance), California State University; M.A. (Multicultural Education), California State University

Elvin began his formal performance training at the age of 10 and has studied across the United States and the Caribbean. He has choreographed for Sacramento/Black Art of Dance’s concerts and developed curriculum for company classes. Elvin also created curriculum that engendered both language and dance arts, which was implemented at Kemble Elementary School. Elvin volunteered with community rite-of-passage organization Sisters of Nia; providing instruction in playwrighting, dramatic arts, and dance, and developing and directing an inter-generational and multi-disciplinary performance project, “The Quilting Bee.”

Elvin travels regularly to Oakland, California taking dance classes and participating in community healing events. He also frequently travels to the Caribbean, investigating the danced methodologies and inter-cultural transmission found within the African diaspora. Since moving to Seattle, Elvin has enjoyed taking weekly dance classes, learning the subtle and intricate nuance of West African dance form.

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