​Justin Peters

B.A. (English Literature; minors in Creative Writing and History), Seattle Pacific University.

During his time in The Northwest School Residential Life Program, Justin has worked or covered every conceivable shift or role in the dormitory, from his beginnings on the overnight awake shift to years spent as Residential Life Coordinator. In his current role as Dean of Residential Life, he supervises the dorm faculty and works with students, parents, and departments across Northwest to create a vibrant and safe learning environment and robust program for our residents during the school year and summer camp. Justin is also an advisor and 10th grade team member and big supporter of all things Northwest School Basketball. In his time away from the House, Justin is a reader of literature and loves all things Humanities and arts-related. He especially likes going to plays and readings and visiting art museums. He is trying to understand more about music. Justin enjoys spending time with his sisters, going on walks, and drinking tea. He has a weakness for baseball on the radio.

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