Malia Peck

Malia has extensive experience teaching at a variety of traditional public, charter, and independent schools in New York City and Washington, D.C. She holds a Master of Arts in the Teaching of Social Studies from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Education from Bates College. Malia enjoys teaching Humanities due to its natural intersections with issues relating to social justice, such as inequality, feminism, prejudice, privilege, power, and community. She believes embedding the study of the past into current events allows students to realize how relevant history is to them. A native of Maine, Malia grew up hiking, bicycle touring, and rock climbing – she has enjoyed the opportunity to pursue these hobbies in her first summer in the Pacific Northwest.

In her application materials, Malia shared, “I recognize that in a world with all different forms of schooling and the inequities that exist within them, we can't think of the American Education System as the "Great Equalizer" Horace Mann believed it was. But I do believe that education is the closest thing we have to a great equalizer. I am committed to fighting inequity and injustice within society, and I believe the most effective way I can do this is by teaching.”

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