Michele Sanchez

B.A. (History), Dartmouth College

Michele brings a wealth of experience to Northwest. She has worked in independent school admissions for 18 years, serving in both middle school and upper school admissions positions. Most recently, she served as director of admissions and marketing at the k-8 Blue Oak School in Napa, California. Prior to that, she was the associate director of admissions and assistant 10th grade dean at the k-12 Polytechnic School in Pasadena, California, and the director of admissions and financial aid at the k-12 Bentley School, in Oakland, California. In addition to managing admissions and marketing, she has directed an education program for gifted students and served as both an academic dean and advisor. Previously, as associate director of middle and upper school admissions at the Riverdale School in Riverdale, New York, she served on an administrative team that worked to ensure equity and support of all families and students of color.

In her reflections on her visit, Michele shared: “I found it pleasantly surprising that both middle and upper school students engage together in the same house. It truly feels like a 6-12th grade campus. I was asked very thoughtful questions about independent schools and we shared a great deal about how we support all of our students.”

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