Health and Wellness Program

Having the skills to cope with stress is as crucial to academic success as studying hard and paying attention. To that end, Northwest provides a comprehensive Health and Wellness program. Every student 6-12 spends dedicated time learning about the essentials of time management, sleep, nutrition, relationships, and balance in their daily lives.

Taught by faculty members who receive additional training as health and wellness specialists and by the school’s counselors, the program covers concepts targeted to the students’ developmental stages. Depending on the age group, students are learning multiple strategies, such as how to prioritize activities and homework, how to identify what makes them happy and build that into their daily routine, how to navigate social dynamics, how to take breaks, get up and move, go outside, and breathe.

Stress Busting Tool Box

  • Managing Time: Finding focus and balance while being present helps with sorting out life’s many commitments and choices.
  • Getting Enough Sleep: The biggest challenge and a critical piece of almost every element of health and well-being.
  • Eating Healthfully and Mindfully: Knowing the many connections between food and mood is crucial for student health. Additionally, sustainable eating goes hand-in-hand with Northwest's mission to graduate students with environmental awareness and sustainable practices.
  • Optimism and Gratitude: Practicing ways to bring a positive perspective is as essential to well-being as good nutrition and exercise.
  • Movement: Research clearly shows moving and exercising has a wide range of benefits for the mind and body.
  • Connecting with Family and Friends: Data shows having caring relationships is a large protective factor for youths.
  • Asking for Help: The more students are able to ask for the help they need, the more empowered they are to improve and maintain their well-being.
  • Resetting During the Day: To maximize creativity and learning we all need ways to reset by breathing, taking a walk, dancing, or engaging in any activity we enjoy.