Environment Program

Environment Program

The Environment Program aims to ground our wider environmental sustainability ethic in direct attention to our immediate surroundings, facilitate leadership development among seniors, and build community. Three times a week, students and faculty work in mixed-grade teams to care for the school and immediate surrounding areas. The program is designed to teach students respect and responsibility for space, whether it be in school, out in the neighborhood, or in other parts of the world. It has been in practice since the early days of the school and is a core part of The Northwest School experience.


Fostering Stewardship

Each of the 90+ teams is responsible for a specific area of the school, vacuuming hallways, wiping down Dining Hall tables, cleaning bathrooms, emptying compost/recycling/garbage bins, picking up litter on the sidewalks and streets around campus, tidying classrooms, and tending to the farm and garden areas.


Cultivating Leadership

Each senior is responsible for leading an environment team. Once a trimester, the seniors write and evaluate the members of their team, providing constructive feedback for their teammates' success.

The level or respect for the space is directly related to environmental sustainability. Students embody the practice and take it outside the school walls to the neighborhood, the cityscape, and the landscape.

Suzanne Bottelli

Humanities teacher and Environment Program Co-coordinator