Study Abroad Program

Connecting Across the Ocean

Essential to developing a global perspective is the opportunity to immerse in the culture, history, and language of other countries. Every year, our students travel for one trimester on study abroad programs made possible through our network of partner schools: Centro Docente Maria in Seville, Spain, Lycée Emmanuel Mounier in Angers, France, The Affiliated High School of National ChengChi University in Taipei, Taiwan, and Dajing High School in Shanghai, China.

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Spain was a trip I will talk about for the rest of my life. The friends I made there are people I will never forget. I’m determined to go back. I loved it.

Savita W. '18

Centro Docente Maria, 2016

Every aspect of this program has helped me evolve my way of thinking and has shown me what is really important in life. I have acquired confidence and a “why not?” attitude, which has pushed me to do a lot of different things, like playing soccer with the boys during break, taking biology exams in Spanish, and trying to answer questions during class. I hope that this bravery can stay with me for my whole life.

Allegra M. '18

Centro Docente Maria, 2016

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