International & ESL

Nearly 20% of our Upper School students come from abroad; that's more than 16% of our entire student body. International students who receive ESL support are gradually integrated into more courses with American students each year. Physical Education, arts courses, sports teams, class trips, the Environment Program, and the Outdoor Program offer additional chances for interaction.

9th Grade

  • Humanities 9 (ESL)
  • Physical Science
  • Beginning Grammar/Writing (ESL)
  • Theatre as Communication (ESL)

*9th grade students share Math, PE and an art course with American students.

10th Grade

  • Humanities 10 (ESL)
  • Intermediate Grammar/Writing (ESL)

*10th grade students share Math, Biology and arts courses with American students.

11th Grade

  • Humanities 11 (Transitional)
  • English Composition and Advanced Grammar (ESL)

*11th grade students share Math, Chemistry and arts courses with American students.

12th Grade

International students follow the full 12th grade curriculum. In addition, they take Advanced English Composition to further strengthen their English language and writing skills.