The Humanities curriculum integrates Language Arts, Social Studies, and Geography across all grades. These classes focus on building strong writing (expository & creative), research, communication and reading skills. Technology is regularly integrated into the program for word processing, research, presentations, note taking and final projects.

6th Grade

This course provides an integrated exploration of literature, writing, history and geography, focusing on aspects of human culture throughout history. Each trimester we take on a new topic of study, and students work both individually and cooperatively in small groups to explore and master new material. Students use technology throughout the year for word processing, research, and projects. We conclude each trimester with a culminating project that incorporates students’ knowledge, creativity, and presentation skills.

Current Texts: Hello Universe, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, A Single Shard, The Parker Inheritance

7th Grade

Seventh grade Humanities focuses on the continued development of reading and writing skills. Students work on both creative and technical writing, while receiving guidance and practice in grammar, vocabulary, and revision skills. Concurrently, students work on reading skills as we learn and examine the elements of literature. As much as possible, we integrate topics and themes from Washington State History, using literature and writing to explore our regional history more deeply.

The Social Studies component of 7th grade Humanities focuses on the history, geography, culture and economic and political life of the Pacific Northwest. This includes a study of different cultures, explorations, and migrations in the Northwest. We examine what happens historically when different groups begin to interact in the same space, and we develop an early understanding of the intersection and impact of colonialism, immigration, and policy in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Current Texts: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, The Boys in the Boat, The Arrival, Piecing Me Together, Animal Farm

8th Grade

Eighth grade Humanities integrates World Geography and Literature. The course is designed so that the two subjects add depth and perspective to one another through the use of complementary material. We begin with an introduction to the themes, issues, and strategies that will be used throughout the year. We then focus on the history, culture, literature, and geography of different regions of the world, such as South Asia and the African continent. Each unit incorporates writing, research, and current events. We encourage active learning through participation, discussion, self-directed projects, and group exercises. For a change of pace from the regional studies and map work, the year closes with a study of the influence of the mass media on American culture and society.

Current Texts: Things Fall Apart, Purple Hibiscus, Romeo and Juliet, In the Time of the Butterflies, Malgudi Days, Brave New World