Our lab-based approach to the sciences uses the inquiry method to instill a deep interest in natural processes. Open-ended lab work teaches students to devise ways of exploring and testing scientific concepts.

6th Grade

General Science

This course explores the world around us through an introduction to the disciplines of physics and chemistry. Emphasis is placed on the scientific method, hands-on activities, independent and group projects, and creative problem solving. Students learn research and reporting skills, as well as laboratory inquiry and safety skills. Topics include:

  • The Scientific Method
  • Experimental Design
  • Laboratory Skills
  • Simple machines and work formulas
  • History of Science
  • Natural Cycles
  • Energy
  • The farm-to-table food system
  • Environmental/economic trade-offs of food choices
  • Chemistry Topics

7th Grade

Life Science

This course surveys biological sciences. Topics include microbiology, genetics, evolution, and the major systems of the human body while exploring related systems in plants and other organisms when applicable. Environmental and health-related topics are included as appropriate. Students are guided by the scientific method as they practice safe laboratory techniques and hone their research and reporting skills. Students will work on several group and individual inquiry projects throughout the year.

8th Grade

Earth Science

The goal of this course is for the student to have a basic understanding of the earth’s characteristics as we know them today. Topics covered include: history of science, oceanography, the atmosphere, erosion and soil development, plate tectonics, and astronomy. The interaction between humans and these systems is regularly discussed. Emphasis is placed on hands-on activities, cooperating on group projects, development of lab skills, and using the scientific method.

I want my students to come right on time to class and say, Can we get started? I want them to understand how to be a scientist, how to look at a problem, how to draw conclusions and back them up. My students know that I am not the answer, I guide them but they have to go find it themselves. When they own the answer, there is much more excitement and engagement.

Erica Bergamini

6th Grade Science teacher

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