Technology is integrated into the curriculum across all disciplines. Students are taught to use the most appropriate tools to achieve their educational goals.

The Northwest School has a 1:1 Program for the Middle School. Each student is provided with a school-owned laptop that is maintained by our IT staff. The goals for the program are to increase access, differentiation, and collaboration among students; support the integration of technology into all learning disciplines, and to use technology for engaging real-world projects.

In addition to students' school-issued device, technology is available in the computer lab, Library, classrooms, and on laptop carts throughout the school. All students have access to WiFi and email, which means that students can bring their own devices and connect to our network when appropriate. Student email accounts are provided through Microsoft, using Office 365, which gives each student the ability to install the latest version of Office (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) on up to five devices. Students have access to the computer lab and library during free periods, and can always come for help with assignments or using technology at home. Classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards (SMART) and teachers use Canvas as an online learning platform to distribute content, assignments, and individualized feedback.

The Educational Technology Department works closely with Middle School teachers to create technology-enhanced assignments and projects. They coach students to use school-adopted tools effectively to maximize their learning. Their goal is to ensure that Middle Schoolers can use technology with ease and confidence as they develop cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills. The Director of Educational Technology and the Educational Technology Coordinator provide the community with regular training sessions to build collective digital literacy and competence so that transformative learning experiences can happen anytime, anywhere.

Ethical behavior and internet safety are repeatedly emphasized throughout all grade levels at The Northwest School. Our Educational Technology Department meet with students throughout the year to teach concepts such as digital citizenship, netiquette, and the importance of being intentional when creating your digital footprint.