Everyone is Welcome

Trips are designed to include students from grades 6 through 12 and most experiences are structured for both novices and those already experienced in the given activity. We encourage this mix as a way of allowing students to get to know each other across grade levels and as a means of fostering opportunities for peer education that occurs when younger and older students and novices and those with more experience are enjoying the same outdoor activity.

To facilitate and support the participation of all interested students, we have a wide array of gear that we can loan out (packs, tents, sleeping bags and pads, stoves, etc.) and we include a detailed equipment list for each trip with the pre-trip form. We meet before each trip to provide any necessary training for a specific trip and help students gather into food, tent, and hiking groups when appropriate for the trip. We also offer Camping 101 – a trip that teaches the basics of camping to introduce students to the Outdoor Program and basic camping systems.

Please contact Nathan Franck, the Outdoor Program Coordinator with any questions.