Trip Opportunities

Offered Trips

We acknowledge the importance of shared experiences and the strong social-emotional benefits of time spent with peers, in-person. In addition to planning and implementing the remote experiences of the fall, we are drafting COVID-19 Guidelines for the Outdoor Program that encourage responsible outdoor recreation and mitigate risk of disease transmission as much as possible.

As we resume in-person activities, we will assess each activity’s viability as it approaches and make decisions on whether or not changes need to be made or the trip needs to be cancelled. Consider all of the trips listed below as subject to change.

2021-22 Trips

Fall Trimester:
Intro to Hiking and Camping Trip: 9/25-9/26
Alpine Backpacking Trip: 10/2-10/3
Cascades Day Hike: 10/23
Urban Bike Adventure: 11/6

Winter Trimester
Dark Sky Star Gazing and Snowshoe: 1/21-1/22
Mt. Baker Snow Cave Trip: 2/4-2/7
Affinity Group Retreat: 3/5

Spring Trimester
Olympic Coast Backpacking: 4/23-4/25
Lopez Island Bike Trip: 5/13-5/15

*Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some trips and trip details may change.