Our Connected Community

We are excited to welcome everyone back for the the 2020-21 school year! We are teaching online, through the end of Trimester 2.

We greatly miss our community and Environment Program meetings, athletic events, spectacular arts performances, and our delicious dining experiences, but find comfort and fun in the innovation and creativity of faculty and students alike as we work together from our homes.

Check out our joy of remote learning in the examples, below, and see the nuts and bolts of our process on the Remote Learning Guidelines page.

Northwest School Families: Share with us your experiences, highlights, challenges, photos, and videos at photos@northwestschool.org.


Equipping Students for Robust Remote Learning

To help provide an engaging learning experience, Northwest School faculty designed and assembled toolkits for students taking science and art classes. Click here to read more about the kits The Northwest School provided to all students.


Youth Inspired to Get Out the Vote

Over the summer, nearly 60 individuals, ranging from 8th graders to grandparents, participated in a civics course focused on engaging in democracy and getting out the vote. The course was so popular, we are offering it again this fall. Read more about it here.

Just a quick note to express our appreciation for your hard work and care in creating a meaningful remote learning program. It’s been wonderful for our family so far, and we are grateful to be part of a school community that is addressing these issues with such foresight and thoughtful communication.

Parents of a current Northwest School student


Preparing Throughout the Summer

Northwest School teaching faculty engaged in courses with the Global Online Academy over the summer. The courses use Canvas, our new learning management system. Read more about their professional development work here.


Orchestras Featured on NPR

The Northwest School’s Upper School Orchestra and Advanced Middle School Orchestra were featured in a National Public Radio segment about the #TakeTwoKnees movement spreading throughout the classical music social media world. Click here to watch the video.


Class of 2020 Celebrates Graduation Online

Eighty-nine students comprising The Northwest School Class of 2020 celebrated graduation remotely, on Tuesday, June 9, with their families, friends, and teachers during a virtual ceremony. Click here to read more about the event.


Annual Mock Trial

Senior Law and Society students joined King County Superior Court Judge John McHale on Zoom for the annual mock trial. During the trial, students take the part of state prosecutors, defense attorneys, and witnesses to argue their case in front of a jury of their peers. Nearly 70 spectators tuned in for the students' riveting performances in a surprisingly complicated case about a stolen wallet.


Teaching Ceramics Without Clay

When Ceramics teacher Randy Silver realized that the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines were extending into the rest of the school year, he had to act quickly and figure out a way to teach some what clay has to offer, without actually using clay. Read about what our Ceramics students have been accomplished in the latest issue of The Northwest School Magazine.


Testing Gas Laws

To understand gas laws, junior chemistry students examined the science behind airbags for two weeks. Students recreated the experience of an airbag by using baking soda and vinegar in a Ziploc bag. Read more about the lab here.


The Season Continues

The Upper School girls' varsity ultimate squad is keeping in touch virtually and created this lovely video of the team passing the disc around the city.



National Poetry Month took place in April. Throughout the entire month, we showcased our students and faculty reading their favorite poems or poems they wrote to celebrate one of the more beautiful forms of prose. Eighth grade Humanities teacher Jeff Blair contributed his reading of an original poem, "The Empire Has No Clothes."  You can check out all of the contributions on our Instagram page.


Earth Day 2020

The Northwest School community celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day online, starting with a moving and powerful concert by Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter MILCK, and engaged in a day of reflection surrounding environmental justice, education, and climate change. Read more about the day's events here.


Drawing a Virus

Upper School Drawing 1 sketched the COVID-19 virus and then responded to each other's drawings with the following prompt: What emotion about the virus does the style of drawing create?


The Home as a Classroom

Our faculty have been hard at work transitioning their curriculum to work at home. 6th grade science teacher Erica Bergamini created a lab experiment for pH levels using goods commonly found in the kitchen pantry.


Using Real-time COVID-19 Data

Seniors in Math Modeling applied the real-time COVID-19 crisis news and economic fallout to learn about the principles behind the Federal Reserve, and how the federal government uses its financial abilities to keep the economy stable.

“The most interesting thing for me has been learning about governmental economic structures because it's incredibly relevant to the times we're living in,” says Alex S. ‘20. “We literally learned about the Fed and interest rates as they dropped to zero percent in real-time.”

Read more about the class and see if you can "beat" the Federal Reserve simulator here.


Practicing Together

Even though social distancing means track and field competitive season is on hold, our Upper School Track and Field Team members are staying in shape and in touch with each other through Zoom. Students and coaches have been meeting online for student-led workouts together.


Creating a Selfie

Sixth grade students used Sketchpad to create self portraits, using at least three different types of lines. Students then uploaded the photos to Oba (our learning management system) and engaged in a virtual gallery walk, commenting on each other's selfies. Click here to see a few more finished products.


Building Models of the Earth

Eighth-grade students in Earth Science recently built models of the Earth. Each model was required to include labeled layers of the Earth and an accompanying written component detailing more information about the layers, such as depth and composition.