Summits are two-week multifaceted explorations in which students and faculty engage in deep studies that are rooted in our school's values, history, and mission. Intentionally cross-graded and cross-curricular, Summits are designed to offer new avenues for more in-depth, creative, and meaningful learning experiences.

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Students have received their placements for Summits 2020. The add/drop request period ends on Friday, January 17th, via the form that students received by email. Notifications of add/drops will be made the week of January 20. After this time, requests to change Summits will only be considered for extreme circumstances. 

2020 Summits Catalogue

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The Internet of Things

In addition to basic coding, students learn how to use the Circuit Playground and Adafruit Feather to make sensors, data feeds, and interactive machines to gather information from all around us. This Summit examines the interconnected world we live in and how data can make life easier through self-driving cars or automated repetitive tasks. It also tackles ethics and the code of conduct that comes with data collection. The course culminates with a challenge to design solutions to real problems as defined by the United Nations Sustainability Goals.

March Goes On

The March Continues: Walking in the Foot Steps of the Civil Rights Movement

Using the power of perspective and place, students take a personal and historical journey through key moments of the Civil Rights Movement, visiting: Atlanta, Selma, Montgomery, Birmingham, Jackson, Greenwood, and Memphis. While in the South, students meet with historians, activists, and participants in the struggle for Civil Rights. This Summit connects the historical Civil Rights Movement with the movement today, both in the South and the Pacific Northwest.