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The Upper School Physical Education program allows students to experience a wide range of physical activities. The Upper School physical education program provides 9th grade and ESL students units on health and wellness, fitness, and conditioning.

The two-year PE requirement is met through participation in 9th grade PE, plus participation in dance, the outdoor program or, interscholastic team sports.

9th Grade

  • One trimester focuses on health and wellness, the other two emphasize fitness and conditioning including indoor rock climbing, and games.
  • Interscholastic Athletic Teams

10th - 12th Grades

  • The second year requirement can be met through dance, outdoor education, team athletics.
  • Interscholastic Athletic Teams

9th - 12th Grades

Fit Club: Fit Club is open to all Upper School students and aims to help students improve their fitness in all aspects in an enjoyable and supportive environment. Fit Club takes place 3:45-4:45 pm in the fitness room and is open to all Upper School students. Students may attend when they choose; there is no obligation to attend particular days. A current physical, athletics waiver, concussion form, and sudden cardiac arrest form must be completed to participate. There is a $95 participation fee per season (fall, winter, spring). PE Credit (full/half/no credit) will be earned based on attendance.


  • Soccer
  • Cross-country running
  • Girl's Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Track and Field
  • Ultimate Frisbee

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