The partnership between parents/guardians and the school is essential to the success of our students. At Northwest, we value this partnership and strive to strengthen it through these expectations and guiding principles: 

  • Families partner with the school to understand clearly their student’s experience.
  • Families feel welcome to attend all school events, which are scheduled with a mind towards being both inclusive and responsive to family interests and needs.
  • Families have a clear sense of how to bring their concerns to the school.
  • Families are asked at several intervals in the school year for feedback on their students’ experiences.
  • Families communicate with the school directly in the spirit of collaboration.
  • Families trust and respect the expertise of the school administration and raise questions in a spirit of inquiry with the belief that the student experiences are at the heart of our decision making.

The school is committed to clear and consistent communication that is responsive to family’s needs. Essential to supporting students is parents/guardians knowing how to bring their concerns to the school. To view a simple chart that illustrates the flow of communication from the school to parents and vice versa, click here.

Below are some resources to help you get connected and stay current on important dates, school events, and volunteer opportunities.

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