Individual Contribution

At the Northwest School, students learn the important life skill of stepping forward and participating in ways that are both personal and meaningful. It starts with a courteous and supportive community, in which students are safe to express opinions, ask questions, and try new skills. It continues with a faculty dedicated to helping each student discover his or her individual learning strengths and style. Students see that intelligence and creativity aren’t fixed; they can be nurtured and developed. As students learn more about how they learn, they become strong self-advocates—identifying what they need to continue growing intellectually—and using that self-knowledge to make powerful, personal contributions to their community.

When I graduated from Northwest I wasn’t embarrassed to talk about things or to have ideas. That was especially important to me as a woman. I left there feeling I could do anything.

Alex Pemoulie ’03

Director of Finance, Momofuku, and co-owner of critically-acclaimed restaurant Thirty Acres