Dining Program

Cultivating a Community of Thoughful Eaters

The Dining Program at The Northwest School is an expression of our school values. Through eating together and sharing food we build community, invoke conversation, and further our mission of actively caring for the environment and out planet. We aim to graduate thoughtful eaters who have a deep appreciation for the cultural, environmental, and ethical roles food can play in one’s life, as well as the complexities of the food system.

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Eating Mindfully

An important part of student learning occurs every day at meal times. From the Farm-to-Table wall board, students learn facts about the foods they are about to eat. They see which local farms provided the fresh organic fruits and vegetables on the day’s menu, discover the culinary background to culturally specific dishes, and learn what produce has been harvested from The Northwest School’s Urban Farm and Garden. Our chefs are always available during lunch to answer students’ questions about ingredients and preparation methods.

We want students to think about where their food comes from, who grows and picks it. Our goal is to connect what the students eat to their values.

Bethany Fong

Director of Food Services

good stewardship

Practicing Environmental Sustainability

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