Kelly Marshall

Kelly holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in applied art and design from San Diego State University, a Master of Science degree in special education from National University, and a Master of Fine Art from Pacific Northwest College of Art.

In addition to her pursuits as a professional artist, Kelly Marshall co-founded the Color, Construct, Create Studio, a full-inclusion K-12 arts school. Kelly has served as a special education teacher and case manager at the Poway Unified School District and the San Diego Unified School District, and has also worked as a student teacher supervisor in the University of San Diego Graduate School of Special Education. Kelly also served as a Resource Specialist in primary and secondary school settings, managing educational outcomes for caseloads of up to 35 students.

In her application materials, Kelly told us: “I am skilled in developing systems essential in communications and advocacy for students of diverse abilities and backgrounds. I believe that strong relationships and trust are fundamental to supporting student success.”

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