Express. Perform. Imagine.

We believe arts education is vital to preparing for a fulfilling life, and is intimately connected to academics. Requiring critical thinking, discipline, self-reflection—and often courage to step out of one’s comfort zone—art offers students fundamental experiences in challenge and accomplishment. It also opens their minds to seeing new pathways to problem-solving. To that end, every student at The Northwest School takes two arts classes at all times, ensuring that no one graduates without having danced, made music, acted onstage and created something of their own vision.

If you want to be an original artist you have to go inside yourself and find out what makes you unique. Being at a high school where individuality was a value, in fact, was paramount, shaped me as an artist and as a human being.

Abe Koogler, '02

Winner of the 2013 Paula Vogler Award for Playwriting

The Northwest School taught me to express myself clearly, to approach new information with a critical eye and to examine multiple sides of every situation. At Northwest, what made us different from each other was celebrated and enriched the community.

Aaron Loux '05

Professional dancer, Mark Morris Dance Company, NYC

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