The Northwest Experience Fund

The Northwest Experience Fund

The Northwest Experience Fund serves to complement the Raymond Taussig Terry Financial Aid Endowment. The school believes in creating an equitable grade level experience in which every student can access resources, and opt in to all school programs, without concern for their family’s capacity to pay. While the Raymond Taussig Terry Financial Aid Endowment unlocks the door to the House, The Northwest Experience Fund will open the doors of opportunity found inside.

The Fund provides support for the additional costs beyond tuition that contribute to a full and successful experience at the School, serving as an important resource for families who need support beyond tuition-specific financial aid. Click here to learn more about The Northwest Experience Fund.

The Northwest Experience Fund relies on contributions from the community each year. The School’s annual fundraiser, Pizazz, raises awareness and support for the Fund. To learn more about Pizazz, to purchase a ticket, or to support the event, contact the Development Office.

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Lots of schools offer a fund for non-tuition assistance, but they pro-rate it to match the level of financial aid. Here is the problem with that: If a family is receiving any financial aid, it means we are already asking them to pay the most we think they can pay. If your family receives financial aid in any amount, The Northwest Experience Fund will cover all additional fees, 100 percent, so every student is included in the entire life of the school. This is how we live our mission of inclusivity.

Jonathan Hochberg, Director of Financial Aid and Assistant Director of Admissions